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UK Global Courier has grown and placed itself as an ultimate service provider in the Courier Industry around the world with its assurance of over 25 years expertise. We have already registered our presence with our exclusive and largest network in the courier and express industry around the world. We have created bonds among all around us and with the company by valuing the one-to-one relationship. We aim at doing things differently to create a revolution in the customer service to keep all of us smiling with satisfaction.

Our Services

Truck Services

Whether your shipment requires full storage capacity of a vehicle or only a part of it, whether you need a truck or a trailer for any type of goods, on any domestic or international routes, UK Global Courier offers you a variety of services on the highest professional level. Our in-depth knowledge of  international markets and routes enables us to provide you with the reassurance that your goods are in safe hands at all times.


For larger companies that often have a need for inter-office mail delivery, UK Global Courier  offers Mail Room services. Our couriers will pickup and disperse office mail on a daily or twice daily basis; following your explicit instructions.


Our warehousing and distribution services are designed to add value to your business. Here at UK Global Courier, we understand the movement of goods across suppliers, vendors, and customers.

Sea Freight

UK Global Courier offer sea freight services  which are  better options for shippers when costs are your primary concern, time is not a factor or your shipments are large and heavy. We ship significant volumes every year, which enables us to offer you capacity, frequent departures and competitive rates

Customs Clearance

At UK Global Courier,  the entire process of Customs clearance is handled by a group of professionals with the requisite skills and knowledge to fast-track your shipments through Customs. We also ensure that our clients are updated real-time on the status of their shipments


Our Air Cargo Service has the capacity to handle all types of cargoes and isn’t limited to size. Irrespective of where you want to ship your item to, UK Global Courier  air Freight Services has what it takes to get it there faster that you can imagine .


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