About us

UK Global Courier was founded in 1984 as  as an international freight forwarder for small businesses at London Heathrow Airport . Innovative operational techniques enabled us to enjoy almost immediate success and growth. Since 1984, through both acquisition, and grass root growth, we have grown, not only in size but in the scope of our operations.  We are pioneers in International and Domestic Logistics, with offices and agents worldwide.    We successfully offer our clients complete door to door transportation, which is tailored to their exact requirements.. Through  our set-up of franchisees and alliance we offer access to 7 international hubs, 200 service counters, and the use of all connective flight from every hub to deliver timely parcels globally and with our more experienced workforce, our network has the capabilities to serve you successfully.. Over the years we have evolved from a local air freight forwarder to an International third party logistics company (3PL). In this time we have grown into our third corporate facility which is located near the London Heathrow Airport

UK Global Courier offers to its clients a comprehensive range of International Freight Services backed by a global logistics network, with Access Control Systems & Products Security & Protection, Advertising Access Control Systems & Products Charcoal Security Services Computer & Information Technology Consulting, wide expertise and resources to support shipping requirements across the world.

We provide customized, scalable services to cater to the needs of the highly unpredictable market conditions of modern times. From complex supply chain solutions to door-to-door freight forwarding movements, infinity has the wherewithal to fulfil its client’s needs.

Our operations are backed by team of professionals having extensive knowledge and experience in global logistics. This enables us to handle shipments through air, sea and road efficiently. Our business affiliations worldwide ensure prompt Freight forwarding services as desired by the customers.

UK Global Courier offers a variety of services and specialized expertise in transporting cargo of various sizes and volume around the world enabling just-in-time delivery. An extensive global network of service providers and partners ensures your transportation and logistics needs are met on time – securely and cost-effectively.